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Since 2014, Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR) has developed a new generic, portable and non-contact technology for efficient detection of external and internal corrosion – called the Field Kelvin Probe (FKP).


The FKP has been developed in a portfolio of projects in collaboration with several industrial and research partners. This includes development of the FKP through a Petromaks project under a groundbreaking program within the Research Council of Norway (RCN). During the development, the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research (MPIE) in Germany has been an important collaboration partner. 

In 2018 CMR established the spin-off company INDIKEL AS to commercialize the FKP.

Contributors to the technology

Between 2014 and 2018, the main contributors from CMR to the FKP technology development have been Florin Turcu, Inge Klepsvik, Bård Henriksen, Gaute Lied and Frank Ådland.

Florin Turcu is inventor of the technology and has contributed with among other things project management, mechanical design, experimental testing, Kelvin Probe and corrosion expertise.

The FKP hardware has been developed mainly by Inge Klepsvik and Bård Henriksen. They have contributed with expertise in sensor design, electronics, embedded software, signal processing and algorithms. Frank Ådland has contributed with assembly and testing and experimental design. 

The FKP software for computer, tablet and mobile devices has been developed by Gaute Lied with his expertise with software, GUI and data visualization. 


In addition to the aforementioned FKP developers, several other resources from CMR contributed to make the FKP a success. 

The current design is made by product designer Wouter Myny.

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